With JustLead’s guidance, support, and feedback, I was able take the mountain of information and questions I had down to clear goals and a powerful vision to ground our strategic planning retreat.  Their approach and coaching style of being open and curious while being very clear helped me unpack and articulate where our organization has been and what is possible as we prioritize equitable access to justice.

Eloise Barshes, Chelan-Douglas Volunteer Attorney Services

I was struck by how JustLead had specific examples of historical racism in our community, which, because they created a safe environment for learning, created lots of ‘aha’s’ for the folks participating. Their training was incredibly effective and offered content for those who were new to the subject and those that were more knowledgeable. I left the training having more tools to address these issues. And, I think most importantly, I left more energized with a greater commitment to the work.

Kirsten Barron, LAW Advocates Board Member

This has been an amazing opportunity to strengthen my professional skills, learn from the brilliance and experience of my peers, and make connections with organizations and colleagues I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I encourage all people working in the equity and justice community to apply. You’ll develop a framework and analysis of how to work towards a shared vision of a more equitable and just future, and you’ll find a space to learn how you can best support the movement.

Jay Doran, Statewide Poverty Action Network

The tools that are coming out of this Academy are amazing and are one of the most powerful ways that we are developing leadership in this community.

Michele Storms, ACLU of Washington

Working together collaboratively with attorneys that are trying to impact change has really been so beneficial. We are speaking the same language, and we are able to create systemic change not just for agencies, not just for our communities, but across the entire state of Washington.

Kitara Johnson, Excelsior Youth Center

I have met amazing people and have gained valuable tools. I have a deeper understanding of power structure, privilege and implicit bias and ways to effectuate both systems and social change. My participation has already changed the way in which I engage with my community. It is a critical training for any advocate.

Lisa Waldvogel, Northwest Justice Project, Longview