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Achieving Workable Unity & Strategies for Addressing Power, Oppression, and Privilege

Strategic Communication

Systems Thinking

Other Leadership Training

Courses include the Leadership Academy, Racial Justice Training Institute, and Community Lawyering

Undoing Institutional Racism workshops and support for community organizations

Placing emerging leaders of color in ethnic-led community-based organizations to build leadership capacity and knowledge

Developing minority and underrepresented attorneys for future leadership in the state bar & legal community

Other Capacity Building Organizations

Curated clearinghouse on bias, structural racialization, and tools for developing anti-racist strategies

Advancing laws and policies to improve the lives and opportunities of people living in poverty (includes Clearinghouse Review)

Offering capacity-building services to individuals and organizations that support the least resourced communities

Providing free legal business services to nonprofits & community organizations in WA

More Information

Leadership Academy faculty and alumni are also often available to train staff and volunteers from equity and justice organizations on specific leadership competencies and topics. For more information please contact info@justleadwa.org.