REJI Organizational Race Equity Toolkit

The Washington Race Equity & Justice Initiative (REJI) Organizational Race Equity Toolkit is designed to help organizations, particularly equity and justice-oriented legal organizations, understand and incorporate race equity into their work. Among its tools and resources, the Toolkit provides an assessment tool that organizations, particularly legal organizations, can use to assess and advance their practices, policies, and culture in order to operationalize race equity and support the development of organizational equity plans. Learn more about REJI.

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Specific Tools from the  REJI Toolkit Appendix: 

Tool A: REJI Organizational Equity Plan Worksheet

Tool B: REJI Racial Equity Impact Assessment

Tool C: JustLead WA’s Community Agreements for Productive Conversations on Race

Tool D: Organizational Equity Plan Sample – Legal Services NYC

Tool E: Systems Thinking and the Iceberg Model

Tool F: Race Equity Tool – Columbia Legal Services

Tool G: Debiasing Techniques – The Law Office of William Kennedy – Race Equity Project


JustLead Washington is grateful for the many partners, funders, and contributors who have aided the development of this Toolkit. The Toolkit has been underwritten and is offered as a resource to the community by the Washington State Office of Civil Legal Aid, with additional support from the Washington State Access to Justice Board and advice and counsel from the many Partners and volunteers who comprise the Washington Race Equity & Justice Initiative.

Special thanks to consultants Aline Carton-Listfjeld and Ada Shen-Jaffe for contributing sections of the Toolkit, to Jim Bamberger from the Office of Civil Legal Aid for contributing the Foreword, and to the many reviewers from the Race Equity & Justice Initiative who volunteered their time.

In addition, JustLead Washington is indebted to the many grassroots racial justice organizations and content experts whose work has laid the foundation for this Toolkit. Our particular thanks to the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, whose approach to leadership and equity work grounds our perspective.

Use of the Toolkit

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