Mission, Vision, and Values


JustLead Washington is growing a sustainable network of community leaders who can effectively and collaboratively work toward equity and justice throughout Washington State.


We envision a world that is just, equitable, and fair, where no individual or community lives outside of the circle of human concern. We see thriving and inclusive communities, a justice system that is open and accessible, particularly to those who need it most, and an environment where advocates and organizations have the training, tools, and capacity needed to work effectively and collaboratively.

We view leadership as a set of practices that anyone can develop over time, regardless of their position or status. By enhancing the adaptive leadership capacity of individuals and organizations working to eradicate poverty and oppression we work to inspire and create capacity for more strategic and unified action, thereby furthering our community’s collective ability to create more just and equitable outcomes for all Washingtonians.


Belongingness and Respect for Human Rights & Dignity
People deserve to live and belong in a society that recognizes basic human rights and provides for their basic human needs, where all belong within the circle of human concern. These rights include quality health care and education, safe and stable housing and communities, a sustainable source of income, access to nutritious food, and basic dignity.

Inclusion, Equity, and Fairness

We strive to include all perspectives and elevate those voices that are most often marginalized in order to create equitable internal and external practices as well as a more just community. All people, groups, and organizations should have the opportunity and tools to be able to organize and collaborate to actively shape the civic, social, political and economic life of their communities.

Intentional & Strategic Leadership Development

Effective leadership is not a happy accident. Our approach to leadership development provides a cohesive set of leadership principles and pedagogy coupled with experiential and cohort-based learning opportunities.

Equitable Justice

As advocates, organizers, and leaders working within low-income and marginalized communities, we believe that meaningful access to law, legal assistance, and the justice systems, as well as fair treatment within those systems, can produce more just and equitable outcomes and eradicate barriers that perpetuate poverty, racism, and other structural forms of oppression.

Leadership Through Practice, Not Position

Leadership is a set of lifelong practices that anyone can develop and build upon over time, rather than a positional status or set of character traits. We work to include partners that are diverse across demographics, geographic region, position, years and types of experience, and types of organizations, including legal and non-legal agencies.

Capacity & Responsibility for Systemic Change

Social, economic, and legal systems operate to perpetuate poverty, racism, and other forms of structural oppression. Those who work with these systems have the capacity, ability, and responsibility to advance social change and dismantle unjust systems, structures, and practices.

Leadership as Transformative

Transformational leadership grounded in shared values and experiences can inspire others and create effective and positive social change.

Service-Driven Leadership

We work in service to our community. As leaders we strive to help others develop their capacity for leadership not for the purpose of gaining personal benefit but in the interest of serving our clients, constituents, team members, and fellow community members.


We hold ourselves accountable to the communities most impacted by the decisions we make as well as to broader movements to advance equity and justice. Therefore we continually work to place the priorities of and voices from the community at the forefront of our efforts.

Collaborative & Creative Problem Solving

We seek creative, innovative, and systemic opportunities to advance justice and opportunity and build relationships in order to leverage the diverse talents and experiences of all of our partners.

Courageous Advocacy and Leadership

We are committed to the difficult and often slow and deliberate work of movement building and recognize that social change often requires courage, resiliency, creativity, and risk-taking.